Le Petit Chaperon Rouge is one of three pieces from the triptych Delusions of Enchantment. This 20-minute duet is a Freudian reading of the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood. It is a psychological questioning of the power roles being played between the main characters of Little Red Riding Hood and the ‘big bad’ Wolf It is a slow hypnotic work that plays and builds on the ambiguous sexual tension between the two dancers.

This is haunting duo questions the role and intention of its two protagonists. Is Little Red Riding Hood truly the victim or is she really the provocateur who is testing her sexual powers on the predator wolf? Is she truly innocent or does this tale underline the ambiguities of a young adolescent female’s desires, curiosities, and seductive power? Is the wolf the predator or is Little Red Riding Hood’s budding sexuality truly leading this dance?

Danseurs: Lucie Vigneault et Mark Eden-Towle

The solo La Neige Bleu spotlights the wicked witch in many fairytales such as Snow White, based on the perception of women in society as well as the underlying sexual empowerment of the female character. The conflict between reality and the 'male' gaze of the emancipated woman. Influenced by the stories of condemned powerful women in our history such as Joan of Arc for being too powerful as her strength and heroism threatened men's role and ego. Danced and collaboratively created with Carol Prieur.  Music by Victortronic

Teaser of Comme Hamlet the film,  Comme Hamlet is an abstract dance journey travelling through the tormented mind of an unstable individual. Loosely based on the classic play, the film takes us on a ride of incest, passion, violence and paranoid schizophrenia. Created and completely shot within the walls of Le Gesù, a functioning church in Montréal, QC, Canada. What is real and what is only taking place within the mind of this ‘Hamlet’? What is madness to each one of us? This dance/theatre film, is a story of a flawed individual who wreaks havoc on the people around him.

This was a dance video that I choreographed with director Guillaume Paquin based on a couple having an affair and the fact that this relationship will end in heartbreak. The music is by Martha Wainwright. Dancers are Chanti Wadge and Peter Trotzmer

L'Empreinte des Anges

Duo inspired by the mythical and tragic romance between the artists Camille Claudel and Auguste Rodin. Created in 2006 with dancers Anne Barry and Tom Casey for Cie Danse l'Astragal in Trois-Rivière, QC Choreographed by Tony Chong Music: Nicolas Bernier Artistic Director: Mireille Baril Cie Danse L'Astragale